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What We Solve

In today's world, the demand for affordable, efficient and sustainable energy is more critical than ever.


Vimano's proprietary technology membranes can power multiple devices that range from micro to macro, mobile to immobile, and current to emerging.


Currently, Vimano's membrane technology can be successfully integrated into large-scale flow batteries, electrolysers, and fuel cells.


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The need for
Vimano Membranes

As we transition towards renewable energy sources, our electrical grids face significant challenges that need urgent solutions:

Renewable Intermittency

The fluctuating nature of renewable energy sources like solar and wind poses challenges in maintaining a stable power supply. Storing energy efficiently becomes vital to bridge the gap during periods of low generation.

Grid Failures

Our aging electrical grids are susceptible to failures,

leading to disruptions in power supply.


Robust storage energy solutions are essential to enhance

grid stability and resilience.

Range Anxiety for Long Duration Mobility

Electric vehicles (EVs) hold great promise for a greener future, but the limited driving range creates range anxiety among users.


Effective energy storage solutions can extend EV range and encourage widespread adoption.

Climbing on Power Pole

At Vimano, we understand these pressing issues, and with our cutting-edge ion-selective membranes we are set to revolutionize the energy storage sector.


Our innovative technology paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future by addressing the challenges faced by our electrical grids and paving the path for a cleaner and more reliable energy landscape.

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